When Making Roman Shades How Far Apart Should I Space My Lift Cords?

Spacing your lift cords the correct distance apart will prevent your roman shade from swagging inbetween lift cords.  Here’s a super easy way to figure out how many lift cords your roman shade should have and how far apart to space them.

You should have your lift cords, for a flat roman shade, spaced about 10″ apart. That’s the rule of thumb. So, if you’re making a flat roman shade… meaning that there’s going to be no swagging… your roman shade’s going to be nice and flat when you raise it… you want your lift cords to be spaced about 10″ apart.

I say “about”, because you can’t have your lift cords spaced exactly 10″ apart. Unless you have a magical, even number for your roman shade… so 10″ or 11″ is ok.

Now, if you’re going to put ribs or slats into your roman shade at every row of rings… you’ll have a little more stability. So, you can get away with less lift cords and more spacing… about 12″ to 14″ apart.

I recommend you use your discretion when exceeding 12″ for lift cord spacing. The numbers I’ve mentioned are a guideline… but for some roman shades with ribs, 14″ may still be too far apart. This can happen if the fabric you’re using is too heavy. So, even with ribs, your fabric may swag between rings if they’re too far apart.

When in doubt, space your lift cords about 10″ to 12″ apart.

Your number of lift cords and the exact spacing is really easy to figure out!

Take the finished width of your roman shade and subtract 2″. This is assuming that you have a lift cord placed 1″ from the side edges. You want the distance between the outer lift cords.

Divide this measurement by 10″. Round up to the next number. This is the number of lift cords you will have for your roman shade.

For the exact lift cord spacing, divide the (finished measurement – 2″) by the (# of lift cords – 1).

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