How Far Apart Do I Space My Roman Shade Rings When Making Roman Shades?

Spacing Roman Shade Rings – A Quick and Easy Tip

Spacing your roman shade rings can vary based on the style of your roman shade. For this article I’m going to assume that we’re talking about a flat roman shade.

If you don’t want to do any math… the rule of thumb is to space your roman shade rings every 6″ up your roman shade. If you want the bottom hem to fold up evenly with the rest of the pleats when you raise your roman shade, then your first row of rings will be placed 3″ from the bottom edge. And then you would space your rings every 6″ up your shade. This is the easiest and standard way to space your roman shade rings without doing any math.

6″ ring spacing is a very standard spacing… giving your folds that are 3″ deep.

Now, if you want to do something a little more professional… so that your pleats are more exact and even…. so that your first pleat is the same size as your last pleat. If you simply go by 6″, and your roman shade doesn’t divide evenly by 6, then your top most pleat may be larger or smaller than the other pleats. Not a huge deal… but not the most professional either.

To figure out how far apart you want to space your roman shade rings, you need to have an idea of the number of pleats. Now, you may not know yet the number of pleats, but you have to start somewhere. You start with the number of pleats… you do a little bit of math… and then you figure out how deep you want your pleats to be. As I had mentioned, a standard pleat size is 6″. Maybe you want something bigger… like 8″ to 10″ for a larger roman shade. So, it’s good to know your goal for your roman shade pleat size.

So, let me give you an example. The finished length of my roman shade is 62″. And I’m going to start with the idea of 10 pleats. So, I’m going to divide 62″ by 9.5″… not 10″. That half is the half pleat at the bottom of the roman shade to allow the bottom hem to fold up evenly with the rest of the pleats when you raise your roman shade.

62″ divided by 9.5 = @ 6.5″

6.5″ is about a standard size pleat… so, I’m going to stick with this number. The first row of rings will be placed HALF of the ring spacing… which is 3 1/4″. And then I would start spacing my rings every 6.5″.

Now, my pleats will be perfectly even… the top most pleat will be the same size as the first pleat.


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