How To Sew Cutout Swags and Curtains Video Series

How To Make Swag Curtains and Draperies Video series

This complete video series features detailed step by step video tutorials that walk you through sewing interlined cut-out swags with lined and interlined drapes.

You’re going to discover over 20 videos that show you every little step to making professional lined and / or interlined swags and drapes. This was originally an online class, so the videos are organized by week. There are 4 weeks covered.

Here’s a detailed list of all the videos in this series:

How To Sew Cut-out Swags – Week 1

Video #1. Designing Your Window Treatments

Video #2. Getting the Final Measurements

Video #3. Supply List Review

How To Sew Cut-out Swags – Week 2

Video #4. Cut Fabric Dimensions

Video #5. How To Cut Your Fabric

Video #6. How To Cut A 72″ Square of Fabric

Video #7. Marking and Cutting Your Swags

Video #8. Live Case Study: Layering and Folding My 72″ Square Fabric for My 60″ Wide Swag (shows all 3 layers of fabric, lining and interlining)

Video #9. Installing Your Drapery Hardware

How To Sew Cut-out Swags – Week 3

Video #10. Sew the Bottom Hems of the Drapes

Video #11. Live Case Study: Sewing My Drapes

Video #12. Sew the Side Seams of the Drapes

Video #13. Sew the Top and Bottom Seams of the Swags

Video #14. How To Pleat the Swag

How To Sew Cut-out Swags – Week 4

Video #15. Watch me pleat my 60″ wide swag!

Video #16. Sewing on the _________ tape

Video #17. Applying ________ to the drapery pole

Video #18. Sewing the Top Edge of the Drapes and Shirring the Drapes

Video #19. The Final Result!

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