Tote Bag Sewing Patterns


Browse this growing collection of fun and stylish tote bag patterns! Learn how to sew any of these amazing tote bags with detailed step by step illustrated instructions… plus printable patterns. You’ll discover quick and easy tote bags for the beginner sewer… designer bags for more of a challenge… and everything in between!

tote bag sewing pattern

Designer Tote Bag

Would you believe this amazing looking tote bag was made from fat quarters?! It literally cost me less than $10 to make. And I love it! I plan on wearing it whenever I’m in jeans and a black or white top… with a beige skirt… or even with a black dress! Really nice… with lots of pockets to carry your cell phone, iPod… whatever you need!

make tote bag

Simple and Easy Tote Bag

This tote bag looks great and is super easy to make! Use different fabric to change the look! Sew this tote up quick and give as a gift for any occassion.

grocery tote bag sewing pattern

Grocery Tote Bag

You’re not only going to look stylish while you grocery shop… but you can shop in confidence knowing this tote is strong enough to hold all of your heavy items. With a reinforced bottom.. this grocery tote is strong! Use it for carrying pool or beach items… or use it to hold your crafts!

how to make jean tote bag

How To Sew A Jean Tote Bag

Transform an old pair of jeans into a cute and stylish tote bag. How fun to quickly create a tote bag that has instant pockets.. and style!

how to make placemat tote bag

How To Sew A Placemat Tote Bag – Beach Style

Learn how to make this durable placemat tote bag with a vinyl bottom. Strong, attractive… use it for the pool, beach or groceries! Jenny T. shows you how in this step by step video tutorial.

no sew tote bag

No Sew Tote Bag

Looking for a no-sew tote project? Check out this neat no-sew project that uses fabric and duct-tape. Who knew duct tape could be so beautiful!

how to sew a tote bag

How To Sew A Handbag in 1 Hour

Learn how to sew this adorable fabric handbag in 1 hour or less! This bag can be customized to any size… and with any fabric. Sew up this cute handbag to match one of your outfits… tonight!

how to sew tote

How To Sew A Simple Tote

Sewing tote bags are a lot of fun! These instructions will help you to sew an 11″ square tote bag with an accent banding fabric… finished off with a bead trim. If you want the bag to be larger or smaller… simply change the dimensions of the cut fabric.

2 Comments on Tote Bag Sewing Patterns

  1. judy gunderson
    August 24, 2009 at 7:19 am (8 years ago)

    Hi, As a sewer for more that 40 years I am still learning. I love your instructions as they are easy to follow. Some things I know, but other things keep changing and all of us can see you are on “top” of what is current. Judy G

  2. joy
    April 1, 2010 at 8:43 pm (8 years ago)

    I am very happy to learn this, thanks


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