How To Make A No-Sew Table Cover

no-sew table cover sewing projectsTransform an ugly filing cabinet or unused table into a home decor masterpiece. Don’t throw away that old worn table… cover it with a simple no-sew slip cover. And if you need more space for a filing cabinet, why not use it as an end table and hide it with fabric until you need to use it.



Follow these simple steps to create the perfect side table for your bedroom or living space.

1. Measure your table from front to back (D)2. Measure your table from side edge to side edge (W)

3. Measure the height of the table then subtract 1/2″” (L)

4. Cut a piece of fabric that is 1/2″ + L + W + L + 1/2″” wide by 1/2″ + L + D + L + 1/2″ long

For example:

My table is 20″ high, 12″ wide and 14″ deep

W = 12″
L = 19 1/2″
D = 14″

I will cut my fabric 1/2″ + 19 1/2″ + 12″ + 19 1/2″ + 1/2″” wide… 52″ wide
and length = 1/2″ + 19 1/2″ + 14″ + 19 1/2″ + 1/2″ wide… 54″ long

no-sew table cover sewing projects
5. Lay your fabric out flat6. Measure and mark the 4 top corners of your table. Use the diagram to help you. You can also drape the fabric over your table, center it and mark the corners.

7. Measure from a marked corner towards the fabric corner L – 1″ (C)

8. Mark a rounded edge for each corner as shown in the diabram.

no-sew table cover sewing projects
9. Trim 1/2″” outside the rounded markings  
10. Fold the outside edges in 1/2″” and press  
11. Slide bonding tape inside of the folded hem and press well  
12. Drape your hemmed fabric on your table and adjust the pleats as desired.  

And you’ve successfully transformed a piece of furniture that may not have gone with your decor into the perfect piece to complement your colors and fabric.

Consider using this pattern for covering an old bench or rectangle ottoman. Elaborate on this pattern by binding the edges with contrasting fabric. Maybe make the top of the cover a different fabric. Drape a square piece of fabric over the top of the cover.

Happy Sewing!

Jenny T.

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