Sherri Noel


Hi, I’m Sherri Noel! I come from a long line of crafts men and women. My great grandfather was a pioneer of log home construction. He built one of the first log homes recorded with the National Register of Historic Places… and we still enjoy this cabin in Maine every summer! My family history lends itself to living a creative and simple lifestyle.

Luck for me, my mother owned a sewing machine and I started sewing, making small sewing crafts and even altering my own clothes as a teenager. When I graduated, my parents bought me my own sewing machine and like my great grandmother before me, a quilter was born. With two very talented grandmothers who held such talents as knitting, sewing and painting, as well as grandfathers who were master craftsmen it’s no surprise I was destined to create! I can remember intently watching ‘Granny’ at the sewing machine, and holding ‘Mum’s’ yarn for her, feeling so special to be part of the process. They passed onto me the love of a handmade item.

My crafts and patterns are an extension of me. I craft and design patterns around what’s happening in my life and what I might need… for myself, for a friend, whatever I may be crafting or stitching. After all, it’s just life happening… one stitch at a time.

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