Ivana Lanciotti


Hello to all…. my name is Ivana, Ivy for friends. I live in Parma, a beautiful city in humid valley padana that has little to country … but the love for all that you can make hand made in the heart I have for many years.

“Learn the art and put it by” … can always be useful, is one of the many things I was able to teach me a great woman … My Mom Adriana.

Thank Mom, good seamstress, since little girl I learned to sew. One of those things that keep in the drawer and then one day as if by magic you can see how many special things and can custom make to put in every corner of the house … a smile on every corner, it’s nice to see and if you can see what’s inside will warm the heart.

Visit Ivana’s website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ilmondodellenuvole

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