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I have always enjoyed the process of designing and creating art. Influenced by my mother who loved designing, sewing, tailoring, crocheting, and embroidering, I have gained a keen love and appreciation for all things handmade. I learned to sew at an early age and by the age of 12 was sewing my own summer clothing. Since then I have dabbled in drawing, photography, and color pencil.

I recently discovered the concept of using the medium of machine quilting as an art form which has opened new possibilities for me. After completing a career that included designing and creating illustrations and exhibits for courtroom presentations, I now have more time to devote to my new-found passion. My dream is to combine my years of experience in sewing/tailoring with my studies in art and photography to create items that are beautiful and unique. My artistries are designed with love for my craft and with sharp attention to detail.

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