Starflower Quilt Block Tutorial – Block of the Month #1 2015

Starflower Quilt Block Tutorial
Starflower Quilt Block Tutorial

Photo via Ellison Lane

The first quilt block of the month is the starflower block. This is an intermediate level quilt block BUT you can absolutely piece this as a beginner. Just take your time. And don’t worry about it being perfect. I’d never finish if I worried about each block being perfect.

You can make a quilt just from starflower blocks. I’ve included several inspirational photos of starflower quilts to help you decide on colors… and to see how a quilt would look with just the starflower quilt block.

These instructions are for a 12.5″ quilt block. All the quilt blocks in this series will be 12.5″ square.

You can make just one starflower block… or several… it’s up to you! Each block in this series will complement the previous blocks… and I’ll show you examples of how to combine them.

Twelve 12.5″ quilt blocks will make a quilt measuring approximately 36″-48″ wide X 48″-60″ long… depending on how you assemble your quilt blocks. If you want a larger quilt, increase the number of quilt blocks or the size of your quilt blocks.

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