Log Cabin Quilt Block Tutorial – Block of the Month #3 2015

Log Cabin Quilt Block Tutorial
Log Cabin Quilt Block Tutorial

Photo via Quilting Stories

The third quilt block of the month is the log cabin block. This is a beginner level quilt block. I love this quilt block because you can have so many different variations. It’s very traditional but you can make some very modern looking quilts with it.

You can make a quilt just from log cabin blocks. I’ve included several inspirational photos of log cabin quilts to help you decide on colors… and to see how a quilt would look with just the starflower quilt block.

These instructions are for a 12.5″ quilt block. All the quilt blocks in this series will be 12.5″ square. The blocks will be 12″ once finished.

As with any of the quilt blocks I post… you can stick to just this block and make an entire quilt out of log cabin blocks. Or you can build on the previous quilt blocks. I show you an example of what your quilt may look like if you made a quilt with the 3 quilt blocks so far… Starflower Quilt Block, Granny  Square Quilt Block and this Log Cabin Quilt Block.

Twelve 12.5″ quilt blocks will make a quilt measuring approximately 36″-48″ wide X 48″-60″ long… depending on how you assemble your quilt blocks. If you want a larger quilt, increase the number of quilt blocks or the size of your quilt blocks.

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