Hemming My White Linen Pants Using A Blind Hem Stitch

How To Hem Pants With Blind Hem Stitch

This weekend, I finally got to crack out my sewing machine! First mission… to hem a pair of white linen pants that I bought months ago. I still haven’t worn them because they are 2″ too long.

I’m off on a Caribbean cruise in a few days and I want to wear these pants. They are so… cruisey! 🙂

The strategy… sew a test run on a blue cloth napkin. I wasn’t even sure how to plug the pedal into the machine. So… I cracked out the manual… turned on the machine… and then stared blankly… as I couldn’t remember how to do anything. It took a few minutes.

And then… what’s that “Fix” light? Nothing to worry about. Whew. It just means I want the machine to stitch in place a few times before moving forward. Haha… I thought it meant I needed to fix something.

So… I’m going to hem my pants with a blind hem stitch. A blind hem stitch looks like this….How To Hem Pants With Blind Hem Stitch

And on the outside of your pants or curtain… it looks like this. It only catches the edge of your hem so that it’s virtually invisible. I used white on blue so that you could see it… but if I had used blue thread… you’d never see it. Pretty neat, right?

How To Hem Pants With Blind Hem Stitch

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2 Comments on Hemming My White Linen Pants Using A Blind Hem Stitch

  1. Lanzie
    August 16, 2015 at 12:30 am (2 years ago)

    Hi Jenny,
    You made that look really simple. Can it be done with thicker fabrics? Enjoy your trip, you lucky thing. I’ve all my squares cut up ready to start sewing my quilt(Monthly Challenge). Hoping to have some photos to show soon.
    Bon voyage.

    • Jen Thoden
      August 24, 2015 at 8:45 am (2 years ago)

      You’re ahead of me with the monthly challenge! haha! Hopefully I can cut my squares up this week to catch up. The trip was wonderful, thank you. Yes, the hemming technique can be done with thicker fabric. I’ve done it with thick drapery hems. Just ease it through the machine because it can get caught up.



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