How To Clean Your Sewing Machine

How To Clean Your Sewing Machine

I found this great tutorial on how to clean your sewing machine at Sew 4 Home. My machine is super dusty… and I needed a refresher on how to REALLY clean it. This tutorial provides lots of clear photos and excellent tips for getting your sewing machine in tip top shape.

I also found an excellent video that SHOWS you how to do a lot of this. Click here to watch the video

Here’s what you’ll need to clean your sewing machine…

Standard items:

  1. Your instruction manual.
  2. Lint brush. Most machines come with a lint brush. If you don’t have one, you can buy one at a fabric store or from your dealer. A small, clean makeup brush will do in a pinch.
  3. Needles. Be sure you have a stock of new needles on hand. You should replace the needle each time you maintain your machine. We also recommend starting each new project with a new needle.
  4. A soft cloth – muslin is a good choice.

Optional items:

  1. Small-scale vacuum attachments are helpful in pulling lint out of hiding spots. You can buy them online or where vacuums are sold. The same attachment can be used to clean your computer keyboard.
  2. Some people prefer to use canned air because it really blows the lint out. Canned air, however, can introduce moisture into your machine’s interior. To avoid this, hold the nozzle at least 4″ away. Spray so the air is at an angle to the parts you are cleaning, and always blow lint OUT of the machine rather than into it. Never use your breath to blow lint from inside your machine. Your breath contains moisture that can, over time, cause corrosion (this is also true of many politicians).
  3. Another alternative to a lint brush is a camel hair artist’s brush with long bristles that are rounded at the end – not trimmed straight across. The lint clings to the bristles for easy lint pick-up in those dark spaces under the bobbin case. Purchase a quality brush, not the cheap kind that come with children’s painting supplies.
  4. We’ve also heard of people who use tiny disposal mascara brushes, as well as pipe cleaners as their favorite cleaning tools.

Read the full tutorial here with photos<=

Click NEXT PAGE to watch a video in how to clean and oil your sewing machine…

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