Ask Jenny T. – Planning Fabric Pattern Repeat When Sewing Balloon Shade Valances

Ask Jenny T. - How to Plan Fabric Pattern Repeat When Sewing Balloon Shades

This week I explain how to plan your balloon shades so that you have the same fabric pattern repeat on each balloon. I love these kinds of questions. If you have a question about a sewing project or DIY project, please send your question to and I will answer you through video, the blog or directly.

Hello Jenny,
Hi, I am in the process of making a balloon shade with 4 permanent tucks but I am stuck. I saw you have a tutorial on your website for sale. can you please tell me if it shows you how to cut your fabric to have all the balloons matching? You have one that is matching under 13 beautiful balloon shades to sew.
How to get the pattern in each balloon to match like in pattern repeat? I hope I am asking correct now also. My finish width is 28 and each balloon is 9 and 3/8. Would I have to cut and join in a few places to get all to match and line up?
Please help, so I can purchase your tutorial to help me figure out getting it uniform if that is the correct word to use. Thank You.
Watch this video for my explanation…

Hope this helps!

Jenny T.

PS. If you’re looking for instructions on how to sew balloon shade valances… check out my How To Sew Balloon Shades and Valances e-book.

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