A-Line Skirt Tutorials


I admit… I am not a seamstress by any means when it comes to clothing. Probably because I have little to no patience required for all the small but important details.

BUT sewing skirts can be a really fun and easy way to release your inner fashion seamstress!

The simplest of all skirts to sew are A-Line Skirts.

I was going to go all in depth on how to sew these, but there are several really good tutorials that I came across instead.

A-line skirts flatter all figures. And when you sew them yourself, you get to choose the fabric AND the length that’s right for your body type. It’s a win-win!

AND you can wear these skirts for all seasons. Spring is just around the corner… so whip up a few for spring and summer.

Here a few sites I found that make sewing A-line skirts super easy…


A-Line Skirt Tutorial



5 minute a line skirt tutorial

5 Minute A-Line Skirt Tutorial




No Hem A-Line Skirt Tutorial



And my favorite….


Table Cloth A-Line Skirt Tutorial


In another post… over a weekend.. I’ll video me making a couple of these skirts. Let me know if you’d like to see that!

So… what are you waiting for? Start making some skirts for the summer!

Happy Sewing

Jenny T.

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