A Better Sewing Blog

I have a confession.

I’ve neglected this sewing blog for… umm… probably 2 years… about that.

And honestly… I’ve lost touch with my readers. You. The very people that happily read my newsletters and blog posts… supported me with feedback, ideas and membership.

I have no good excuse. Yes, I have kids. Yes, I work full time during the day. But, when I built this site… it was dedicated to you… the sewing enthusiast. Eager to learn something new, sew a new project and to be entertained.

Instead… this site has become a bit boring. Over the past 6 months, I have added some pretty exciting sewing projects to the site… but all the personality that came with the blog and newsletter has disappeared.

So, as of today, I pledge to you, my readers, that this sewing blog will be fun… informative… entertaining… engaging… and I hope you come back regularly to enjoy my posts.

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting to this blog for you.

Happy sewing!

Jenny T.

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