9 Of The Best Bias Binding Tutorials: Learn To Cut, Make and Sew Custom Bias Binding

9 of the Best Bias Binding Tutorials

9 of the Best Bias Binding TutorialsMaking your own custom bias binding is almost a requirement for most sewing projects. Sure, you can buy pre-made binding… but sewing projects always look nicer when you make your own binding from coordinating fabric. Right? Now, I’m not gonna lie… making your own bias binding is a bit tedious. EASY. But still a little tedious… but so worth it.

I found a few videos and a couple EXCELLENT step-by-step tutorials that are full of great tips and techniques on how to cut, make and sew your bias binding. You’ll see some of the same techniques throughout… but each tutorial stands on its own when it comes to learning something new about bias binding.

Cutting, Making, Sewing, Straight Edges, Mitered Corners and Curved Edges… all here!

Tutorial #9 is by far the most unique tutorial I have ever seen on sewing bias binding. You’re never gonna believe this was ever an option!

Please share in the comments below and share how you cut and sew bias binding? What did you find helpful? What’s your secret?

Click the NEXT PAGE to watch one of my first videos on cutting bias strips.

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