15 Luxurious London Shades You Can Sew That Look Like You Paid Thousands To Have Custom Made

How To Make London Shades

London shades are one of my favorite window treatments. A London shade is a roman shade that swags in the center and has butterfly tails on the sides. There is an inverted box pleat where the shade is pulled up. If you were to lower the london shade you would see a flat piece of fabric with neat inverted box pleats. A nice neat rectangle. Then, when you gather the fabric along the box pleat, you get the wonderful effect everyone loves. Soft folds, poufy swag and butterfly tails spilling over the sides.

Featured Photo via Maison Decor

Here’s what’s really amazing… london shades are easy to make! Yep. If you want to learn how to design, sew and install london shades go here => How To Make London Shades E-Book

Notice I go back and forth with the words window valance and london shade. This is because you can actually make the london shade a function shade. It’s more common to install it as a decorative valance but you can also make it so that it raises and lowers. You can learn all of that here => How To Make London Shades E-Book

Hey, people pay BIG BUCKS to have these window treatments custom made… you can make them for the cost of the fabric and hardware.

There are different details you can do to a london shade to make them unique to your style and room decor. It really is amazing how this window treatment transforms based on the fabric, installation and trim you use.

I’ve collected 15 london shades to inspire you and to get your creative juices flowing! For each photo, I point out what’s unique about it… and how the designer achieved the result.

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