10 Awesome No-Sew T-Shirt Projects That You’d Actually Use or Wear

10 Awesome No-Sew T-Shirt Projects That You'd Actually Use or Wear

Who knew there were so many cute and functional projects to make from old t-shirts! I’m not a huge upcycle crafter… but after I found the tutorial on sewing skirts from t-shirts… I came across a ton of no-sew t-shirt projects! But I gotta tell ya… MOST of them were not something I’d use or wear. A little too “recycled” for me… 🙂

However, as I filtered through the projects, I found 10 projects that I would LOVE to spend time this weekend trying out. I have a HUGE bag of t-shirts that are going to donation… I’ve got some sharp sheers… so I’m diving in!

Let me know what projects you decide to make. Comment below and share photos!

Click NEXT PAGE to learn how to upgrade a t-shirt to have super cute sleeves with bows. Seriously… I’d totally wear this. It’s actually very stylish! haha!

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