Sewing Tip: Making Your Stitches Strong

How many times have you sewn something… only to see the seams fall apart after some use?

Here are 3 quick tips to help keep your seams strong:

1. Backtack! Backstitch when you start sewing and at the end of the sewing. Backstitch at the corners. I even backstitch over matched seams to strengthen those areas.

2. Use a stitch length of 2.5. The longer the stitch, the looser the seam. So unless you have a good reason (and there are some) keep your stitch length about 2.5 for the best result.

3. Make sure you stitching is at the right tension. Test your stitching first and make sure that the back part of your seam isn’t too loose and the top stitching isn’t too loopy.

Happy Sewing!

Jenny T.

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