Sewing Tip: How To Interfacing

Planning on interfacing your fabric for you next sewing project. Here are some quick tips on how to properly fuse your interfacing to your fabric.

  1. Iron setting – Wool and Steam (irons vary – you may need to set yours higher or lower to find the proper fusing temperature.)
  2. Place a damp cloth over your fabric and interfacing when pressing. Don’t press your iron directly on the interfacing… this just makes a mess.
  3. Use downward pressure for 10-15 seconds each position. Do not glide iron back and forth, but lift and press.
  4. Effect of heat and pressure squeezes softened resins into fabric.
  5. Some moisture is needed. Keep a spray bottle on hand and keep your pressing cloth damp. Do not soak your fabric though. 
  6. Let cool completely before handling. 

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