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Stuffing Your Pillows

I’m interested in knowing if you have to stuff your cushions with foam batting or a mix of feathers & down or can you choose what ever or is there a proper stuffing for certain projects. ~ Suzanne White Read more…

Can’t square up the fabric!

I have folded the fabric wrong sides together. I have two squares. When I use the square at both ends, I get a different measurement (end-to-end) by as much as 1/4″. (the square I am using looks like an “L”.) I am putting the square right along the selvage edge just at the point when the white edge (what I call the selvage tape) and the color of the fabric begin. The outside edge of the selvage is raveled with little fuzzys so it would make it difficult to know exactly where the edge is.

If I pull a thread across the bottom and then measure the distance from that line to the top, would my fabric be square? I’m incredibly frustrated! Please help.

Carol Read more…

Selecting a Sewing Machine Needle

Before you start your next sewing project, be sure you are using the right sewing machine needle. Yes, there are different kinds of needles for different types of projects. So, read through this quick explanation of the different types of sewing machine needles to make sure you have the right one. Read more…

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