Paper Backed Fusible Web – a review

Fusible web is a material that creates a permanent bond between materials when applied with heat. The most common use of fusible web is applique… the method of applying layers of cut fabric to create a design on a main piece of fabric.

For this sewing review, I will be discussing the different brands of paper back fusible web. This is the kind that you use for applique.

Steam-A-Seam 2; Iron-On Double Stick Fusible Web

fusible web

During my current applique sewing project, I had the opportunity to try out a different type of fusible web. For my applique projects in the past, I’ve used a double-sided fusible web that has a paper backing. When I went shopping this time, I picked up a paper backed fusible web… but I looked at the price only. I didn’t read the words "Sticky Back" on the package until I got home.

CON: Ok… so here’s the problem. When I peel off the paper and stick the web to the applique fabric… it doesn’t do a great job of sticking. I envisioned it sticking like tape. But there’s really no stickiness at all. So, when I go to cut out my shapes, the web moves all over the place. This was a big disappointment.

PRO: Once I used my iron and permanently fused the fabrics together, the product worked great!

PRO: Price is $3.99 for (5) 9 "x 12" sheets.

CON:It would be nice to find this product in larger sizes in the store. You CAN get a bolt (12" x 25 yards) of this fusible web online.
(Iron-On Double Stick Fusible Web-12" x 25 Yards)

The product I’m used to using is a paper backed fusible web that you fuse twice. You fuse the web to the wrong side of your applique fabric first… this keeps the web attached to your applique fabric. Cut out the shape. Peel off the paper and fuse it to your main fabric. There a few different brands available and I’ll list them here. I’ve used Pellon in the past and was really happy with it.

Pellon Wonder Under Fusible Web

fusible web

PRO: Available 18" wide x 35 yards. This is great to stock up and for larger projects.

CON: Price is $74.99 which can be a lot to many of us. It breaks down to $2.11 / yard which is cheaper than the Steam-a-steam

PRO: There is a 2 yard roll available for only $4.99 Click here to buy online.


Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive

PRO: Available 17" wide x 10 yards. Nice size and plenty for later!

PRO: Price is $11.99 which is a great price!

Heat’n Bond Fusible Web

fusible web

PRO: Available 17" wide x 35 yards. Again… This is great to stock up and for larger projects.

CON:Price is $94.99 which is $20 more than the Pellon! Ouch.



Jenny T.’s Pick: Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive 17" x 10 yards seems to be the best quality product for the price and size.

WARNING: With any of these fusible web products, test them in the washing machine. If you don’t plan on stitching your applique pieces down and plan on washing your project… test it first. I’ve seen many of my fabric pieces fall off my projects… even though the package says strong and durable.

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  1. Diana Thornhill
    March 27, 2010 at 10:05 am (8 years ago)

    After my mother passed away we found an umbrella girl quilt with all the pieces cut out and some of the girls sewn onto the squares. I want to know if there is a technique by which I can apply the already cut out pieces to the squares with a fusible web product. Thanks for your help. Diana


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