7 Cool Ways I Keep My Cool In The Bedroom During The Hot Summer

7 Cool Ways I Keep My Cool In The Bedroom During The Hot Summer

The brighter evenings and the warmer temperatures of summer completely change my sleep pattern!

I begin to crave beaches and the outdoors… and cooler rooms!

Here are 7 ways that I change things up in my bedroom to keep cool during the summer… and to help me wind down for a restful evening…

Cool Tip #1

Crisp white sheets leave my room bright… and nothing feels better than sliding into clean cool sheets on a summer’s evening!


Photo via Parachute Home

Cool Tip #2

I crack out the fan and have it move the air. My bedroom gets a little stuffy in the summer due to an inefficient air conditioning system. So running a fan at night helps keep me cool… plus I like the background noise.

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Cool Tip #3

I love candles. This photo shows lavender which relaxes me… but I also seek out beach-y scents that remind me of the coast.

Photo via Parachute Home
Cool Tip #4

Bedtime isn’t complete without some light and cool pajamas. These pretty pajamas are DIY! Yep, you can sew these. The instructions are below.

Get the instructions here<=
Cool Tip #5

This water is so refreshing. I like keeping an ice cold drink next to my bed so that I can sip and stay hydrated through the night.

Get the recipe here<=
Cool Tip #6

Anything that reminds of the beach keeps me cool. I love collecting shells and filling bowls and jars with them. Displaying them in my bedroom on table corners and book shelves just makes me smile.

Photo via A Beach Cottage
Cool Tip #7

Keep it light and bright. The best way for me to stay cool and calm… is to keep the accessories and decor light. White bedding, white sheets… so calming and comfy. Plus, my go-to spot in the evening is propped up in my bed with a good book. I fall asleep after a page… but I love to read! It really does relax me. 🙂

Photo via Parachute Home


What do you do to stay calm and wind down for the summer nights?

Share in the comments below.

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