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Gingerbear Pin cushion0004

Cat Maessen

Hello, my  name is Cat Maessen. I’m 44 years of age, married with 1 daughter who lives in New Zealand, English Cocker Spaniel Toto completes our little family, I run a sandwich shop and catering business with husband Paul, & I spend all my free time making bears and dolls, drawing and quilting. Visit Ivana’s […] Read more…

Gingerbear Pin cushion0004

Gingerbread Bear Pincushion

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a bear, then this sewing project is for you. You will learn to make a small bear, learning all the basic bear making techniques. This little bear will sit upon a pincushion that you will sew as well. Make it as a holiday gift, decoration or […] Read more…